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Entry #2

New Indie game in the works

2009-07-23 21:32:54 by ORANG3BL0B

It's funny that i'm sitting here and writing a new update when no-one ever reads my userpage (:P), and it's also funny that i think i'm a great animator and game creator who has not been discovered.
I probably haven't been discovered due to l=the lack of motivation in me and the fact that i'm a lazy bastard T_T
But, whoever happens to stumble upon this little news update i am writing right now, please know that you can finally get excited (slightly), because as soon as i get back from holidays i shall start work on a new and exciting game.
No details yet, the concept is almost in full, but i fear that someone may steal my precious idea.
Anyways, whoever read this, please be very, very excited!

Here are a few images. First one is a concept drawing for the game, the rest are random photoshop attempts. :P 13/timthehue/Photo183.jpg">http://i367 13/timthehue/Savanna-1.jpg">http://i36 13/timthehue/smallriver-1.jpg">http:// 13/timthehue/fieldofclovers.jpg">http:


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